Weekly Roundup - Week 20, 2024

May 20, 2024

13/05/2024 to 19/05/2024

This is a weekly feature that recaps the week's funding rounds for B2B SaaS companies. 

From $3.5 million for Highperformr.ai to a whopping $150 million for Harness, this week has some interesting fundraises. There are many AI based startups as well, and we have listed them all. Dive in to learn more.

Recall.ai, $10 Million, Series A

The startup has built infrastructure and a unified API that enables companies to access raw data from virtual meeting platforms like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Slack Huddles, Zoom and even platforms with no API. Their lead investors were Ridge Ventures


Harness, $150 Million, Debt Financing

Harness is a continuous delivery-as-a-service platform for engineering and DevOps teams to release applications into production. Harness has raised $150 million in new financing from Silicon Valley Bank and Hercules Capital.


HighPerformr, $3.5 Million, Seed

Chennai and US-based Highperformr.ai raises $3.5 million from a slew of VCs and angel investors to scale their Generative AI-powered social media management software. It’s a marketing SaaS software, catering especially to B2B companies (unlike the more B2C focused competitor tools) Highperformr helps in lead generation from an oft-neglected sales channel. ​​Their funding round was led by Venture Highway.


Agora, $34 Million, Series B

Agora is a fintech/SaaS company dedicated to helping real estate firms raise and preserve capital. They provide a comprehensive software solution that utilises technology, automation, and real estate expertise to streamline investment management. Their lead Investors are Qumra Capital and additional investors are Insight Partners, Aleph 


VEDA, $18 Million, Series Unknown

VEDA offers HR solutions and services tailored for innovative and collaborative HR management, along with payroll-as-a-service, to mid-market enterprise customers in Germany. Recently, the company was acquired by the global alternative investment firm Investcorp. They raised $18 million in a Series Unknown round, backed by CIBC Innovation Banking


PayHOA, $27.5 Million, Series A

Founded in 2018 by Mike Bollinger, PayHOA offers a homeowner's association (HOA) management software solution. They raised $27.5 million in Series A with Elephant being their lead investors.  


Canopy, $35 Million, Series Unknown

Canopy is a SaaS company that provides cloud-based accounting practice management software. Its fully integrated practice management solution includes client engagement, document management, workflow, time & billing, engagements & proposals, and more. Trusted by over 3,000 accounting firms, Canopy’s solutions are SOC2-certified and data-encrypted. They raised $35 million in a Series Unknown round. Their lead investors are Ten Coves Capital and Ankona Capital and additional investors are Pelion Venture Partners, Tenaya Capital, NewView Capital  


Leya, $10.5 Million, Series Unknown

Leya is a legaltech company specialising in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for the legal industry. Its core product is an AI assistant designed for lawyers and law firms, applicable across various practice areas and workflows. They raised $10.5 million in a Series Unknown round with Benchmark being their lead investors and additionally invested by Y-Combinator, Hummingbird and SV Angel.


Aerial, $2 Million, Pre-Seed

Founded by Doug Logan and Michael Li, Aerial provides an AI-powered record management system that collects, organises, and cross-references core contracts, documents, and corporate records. They raised $2 million in a Pre-Seed Round with Fuse being their lead investors. Their additional investors are Pack Ventures, Madrona Venture


From $3.5 million for Highperformr.ai to a whopping $150 million for Harness, this week has some interesting fundraises. Here’s a roundup of the week. Stay tuned to see what’s in store for our next week’s roundup.


Written By - Ananya Jha, Program Manager - SaaS Insider