SaaS Insider Weekly Roundup - Week 30

Jul 27, 2020

20/07/2020 to 26/07/2020

Energyworx has raised a strategic investment of undisclosed amount by SET Ventures, ENGIE Ventures, EDP Ventures.

Buildout has raised an investment of undisclosed amount from Riverside Company.

AB Tasty has raised $40M in Venture Capital by Korelya Capital, Partech, XAnge, Credit Mutuel Innovation and Omnes.

CreaterIQ has raised $24M in Series C by TVC Capital, Unilever Ventures, Kayne Anderson, Capitol Advisors.

Ceros has raised $100M in Venture Capital by Sumeru Equity Partners.

Talkdesk has raised $143M in Series C by Top Tier Capital Partners, Lead Edge Capital, Viking Global Investors, Franklin Templeton, Skip Capital, Threshold Ventures and Willoughby Capital.

Kitman Labs has raised $6M in Venture Capital by Enterprise Ireland, Blue Run Ventures, Peter Kight, Sony Innovation Fund, Qvidtvm and Jamie Heaslip.

Autodesk has acquired Pype, a construction software provider for an undisclosed amount.

ChannelAdvisor has acquired Blueboard for an undisclosed amount.

Insider raises $32M in Series C by Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, TVC Capital, Unilever Ventures.

RahRah raises Seed Round of $2.8M from Dave Duffield and Phil Wilmington.

Energywrox has raised an undisclosed amount by EDP Ventures, SET Ventures, ENGIE New Ventures.

Freight Waves has raised $30M in Private Equity by Kayne Partners.

GotSpot, Inc has raised $10K in Grant.

Quantilope has raised an undisclosed amount in Debt Financing from Silicon Valley Bank.

SIFT has raised $3M in Series A by from Detroit Venture Partners, Rockcentral, Rockholdings.

Turbo Systems has raised $3.45M in Series A by B Group, Mayfield Fund, Nassau Street Ventures.

Epsagon has raised $10M by DTCP.

Quantilope has raised $28M in Series B from Dawn Capital, DigitalPlus Partners, Senovo, Surplus Invest.

Avail has raised $4.2M in Series A by Cliff Holekamp, Cultivation Capital.

Dropee has raised $1.3M in Seed Round by YCombinator and a few more investors. has raised $6M in Venutre Round by Bullcity Venture Partners, Tippet Venture Partners.

Vision Critical has raised $20M in Debt Financing by Vistara Capital Partners.

Bombra has acquired SignalHQ for an undisclosed amount.

Snowflake has acquired Cryptonummerics for an undisclosed amount.

Perforce Software has acquired Methodics for an undisclosed amount.

Written By - Chameli Kuduva, Founder - SaaS Insider