SaaS Insider Weekly Roundup - Week 27

Jul 6, 2020

29/06/2020 to 05/07/2020

Strategybox raises $2M in Seed funding by Fuel Ventures.

4D Shoetech raises $14M in Series A by Linear Venture, Sequoia Capital China and CMC Capital.

Qualee Technology raises $1M in Seed funding by Tandem Technology Partners.

Booking Tek raises Euro 2M in Venture Capital round.

CampusLogic acquires RaiseMe, a CA-based social enterprise.

Greendeck has raised an undisclosed amount in Seed funding by RLC Ventures.

Taptrip raises Euro 1.8M in Venture Round by ATPI, Barclays Ventures, Techstars Ventures.

Kinderpedia raises Euro 400K in in Equity Crowdfunding.

Felix raises Euro 800K in Seed round by Oman Technology Fund.

Emissary raises $6.3M in Venture Capital by Castor Ventures, Converge, G20 Ventures, PBJ Capital.

Bluedot raises $9.1M in Series B by Autotech Ventures, Forefront Venture Partners, IAG Firemark Ventures, Mighty Capital, Transurban Group.

Hunters Cyber raises $15M in Series A by Blumberg Capital, M12, Okta Ventures, U.S. Venture Partners (USVP), YL Ventures.

PriceSpider acquires Commerce Connector for an undisclosed amount.

Addnode group acquires Netpublicator for an undisclosed amount.

Written By - Chameli Kuduva, Founder - SaaS Insider