Weekly Roundup - Week 16, 2024

Apr 22, 2024

15/04/2024 - 21/04/24

Nectar - $40 Million, Series B

Nectar is an employee recognition and rewards platform for the modern workforce. Its platform enables every team member to send meaningful recognition rooted in core values. It streamlines the incentives and maintains a connected culture regardless of whether the workforce is centralized or distributed. Nectar raised $40M in a Series B round of fundraising last week with PeakSpan capital being the lead investor.

Introdex - $460K, Seed

Introdex is a B2B SaaS company that focuses on network-led sales. Introdex is based out of Singapore and raised a whopping $460K in their seed round last week!

Clazar - $10 Million, Series A

Clazar’s platform helps software companies manage their listings, private offers, contracts, metering records, and more across all-in-one cloud marketplaces, also helps ISVs to list, manage, and Co-Sell on cloud marketplaces, enabling clients to track their performance and optimise their sales strategy. They raised $10M in Series A last week.

ClickPost - $6 Million, Series A

ClickPost is a logistics intelligence platform for online retailers, has raised $6 million in a funding round led by early-stage venture capital firms Inflexor Ventures and Athera Venture Partners

Lemon - $622K, Pre Seed

Lemon is a SaaS-based subscription management platform. Lemon raised $622K in its latest funding round, which was a Seed round held on Apr 18, 2024. SFC Capital and Pitchdrive are the lead investors in this round.

Silo Team - $1.2 Million, Pre Seed

Silo Team is tackling the problem of the high turnover rate among developers. They are building the go-to tool for retaining developers. Silo Team raised $1.16M in Pre-Seed Funding.


Written By - Ananya Jha, Program Manager - SaaS Insider