Why restricting SaaS Insider Conferences to 1000 members work for us

May 19, 2024

SaaS Insider’s SAASCON and DEVCON are India’s largest gathering of tech and GTM leaders, founders, VCs, and investors of B2B SaaS companies. Over the years, it has given way to a platform where participants create endless opportunities for themselves - from finding a customer to a multi million dollar investment opportunity to many of them creating 1000s of dollars in pipeline. 

Despite the increase in interest year on year, we have made a conscious decision to host no more than 1000 attendees at every conference.

SaaS Insider Officially Quits the Rat Race

Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected - Steve Jobs

Going by the same, the SaaS Insider team makes it a point to verify every single person who has registered for the conference. 

What does this mean? For every invite only event the SaaS Insider team hosts, we invite people bound to a certain criteria. For example, at DEVCON, we host technical founders, technical function heads, investors of B2B SaaS companies. A VP of Engineering can secure access to the conference, while a VP of Sales could secure access to SAASCON [DEVCOn’s counterpart]. To ensure the attendee profiles are in accordance with the guidelines laid out, we verify every single attendee and our team strives to make the event rich in quality of attendees rather than quantity.

Quality over quantity

For SaaS Insider’s India 2022, we had 1500 applications and 2400 applications for SAASCON23, out of which we invited 950 and 1200 attendees each year respectively. 

Our acceptance rate has gone from 56% to 41%, and this helps us maintain a very high quality of attendees. For SAASCON24 and DEVCON24, we will have an acceptance rate of 33% to maintain quality.

Over the last two years, we have maintained our quality of attendees at the highest level possible. This system has ensured our credibility towards our partners and attendees.

It is easy to do 4000 member events selling tickets to everyone including students. We’ve been to conferences claiming to have 5000 people and a good number of their audience found it so difficult to get meaningful RoI.

Our aim is to make this conference the gateway for global markets and investors to explore the talents and the startup culture in India..

Our principle is that if we have high quality and a limited number of curated audiences, it increases the probability for the audience and the partners to derive the maximum RoI out of the event.