Why is it better to run your side event with SaaS Insider along with SAASCON/DEVCON

May 7, 2024

SaaS Insider started as a simple blog that grew into a community of thousands of SaaS enthusiasts, founders and investors. There was a strong sense of community and an inherent demand for knowledge sharing and networking which led to the transition - a course that was led naturally by the members of the community itself.

Over the last few years, we have successfully curated and executed large scale events such as SaaS Insider India 2022, and SAASCON23. As a community, we believe the effort that goes into bringing together 1000+ people in person is significant and should be capitalized at the right time for the overall benefit of the community. We have also noticed events, with curated audiences, happening in and around conferences yield better results for much less effort than events hosted at a different timeline. For the same, we always encourage other companies, communities and startup catalysts to run their events closer to the dates of SAASCON and DEVCON.

Let’s dig deeper into why running your event with SaaS Insider should be on your radar.

  • Cost

  • Effort

  • Audience

  • Brand Association

Cost of running an event

Let’s assume you have a plan of running an event with a few sessions or panels and sessions followed by a dinner. There is a significant overhead cost associate d with setting up a good stage, AV and onboarding a production team or event planner. Not to mention the rental that incurred for the duration of the event, and for the setup time as well.

Running a co-branded side event at SaaS Insider is 60% cheaper than running your own event. You just pay for the venue, food & beverages, manpower, all the additional production expense is covered already by SaaS Insider.


A common element that we overlook is the time we spend on planning and executing the event. While the time we invest on strategising the experience and content can never be substituted for, it is important to notice that marketers get stuck on managing logistics most of the time.

If you plan on making good returns with minimum effort, look no further. SaaS Insider team takes care of ALL logistics, you have a pulg-in stage to engage with your audience and a good spot for networking and dinner, all that’s left to decide is the speakers and the topics.

Audience Generation 

Success of an event depends on the quality of its audience and not by it’s production value. Curating and securing the right registration and attendance for an event is a herculean task which can involve a significant amount of man hours.

SaaS Insider’s conference is a must attend for any company focusing on selling to B2B SaaS companies, especially if you want to capture them early. You have the entire Indian SaaS crowd in Bangalore for once, and almost 50% of our audience fly in from different cities and countries for the conference.

The best strategy for making your event successful is to take advantage of the audience we have spent months gathering. Just make sure your side event has enough interesting elements to pull the crowd, the SaaS Insider team will help you with it.

Brand Association

Over the years, SaaS Insider has gained a reputation among its audience. We vet every one of our registrations and curate our attendees. We onboard only the partners who can add value to the audience and only if we can add value to the partner. And sometimes it’s just about the joy of seeing your favorite brand at a conference or making sure that people recognize your brand next time they look for a solution.

If you are focusing on creating a good brand presence with B2B SaaS businesses, then SaaS Insider’s conferences are the best place in India for you to establish that presence. Whether the outcome goal is branding or lead generation, talk with the organizers about your expectations and assess the feasibility of achieving the goal before proceeding further.