Why do we host SAASCON? | The SaaS Insider Story

Jul 4, 2023

Back when our founders were amateur SaaS enthusiasts, they weren’t.

Not for a lack of trying but from a lack of information. They picked the first jobs that offered job security like the rest of us. But their jobs didn’t prepare them for the world that they would be thrust into. They had to gain knowledge among their peers if they wanted to navigate SaaS.

It started simple with a blog that spoke about how different domains fit into the SaaS space. They contributed what they knew and more people started to share their knowledge. That grew into webinars and the requests for networking piled in.

The SaaS scene at the time was occupied by a ‘Founders only’ mentality. SaaS luminaries had to wait for the trickle down of knowledge. The only conference at the time was a Founders SaaS meet at SaaS Boomi. There wasn’t an avenue where regular SaaS folk could network. 

Their first real networking experience was when their college mates helped them get jobs. The realisation sparked that sometimes it’s not where you’re from and what you do but who you know and the connections that you make. In fact, college connections today make up the Founders of SaaS Insider, i.e., Gautham Prasad, Hari Pragdish and Chameli Kuduva. 

By luck they stumbled into the SaaS world but they didn’t want luck to decide everyone else’s future. The first conference was virtual and completed within 6 weeks during the second wave of Covid, resulting in 55 speakers and a happy turnout of SaaS experts. 

This year, we’re hosting our biggest conference yet in Bengaluru with 1000 attendees, 300+ companies, 400+ Founders and 50+ investors. We’ve included workshops and investor matchmaking to give attendees a push in their career. You can network with anyone from Founders to emerging leaders on the verge of a breakthrough. 

If you’re in SaaS, #SAASCON23 is where you need to be. Grab your seat if you haven’t already using this registration link.

Written By - Chameli Kuduva, Founder - SaaS Insider