SaaS Insider Weekly Update: Week 24 - 8th to 14th June 2020

Nymbus has raised $12M in Growth Funding by Vensure Enterprises and Insight Partners.

Vendr has raised $4M in Seed Round by Craft Ventures.

CINC Systems has raised an undisclosed amount in Venture Capital by Spectrum Equity.

EnsoData has raised $9M in Venture Series A by DreamIt Ventures, Venture Investors, Zetta Venture Partners, SleepScore Ventures and Necessary Ventures.

Qoulum has raised $2.75M in Seed round by Nexus Venture Partners, Surge Accelerator and Surge Group.

Kahoot! has raised $28M in Venture Capital by Microsoft, Northzone, Disney and Eilert Hanoa.

Tackle has raised $7.25M in Series A by Bessemer Venture Partners.

Postman has raised $150M in Series C by Nexus Venture Partners, Insight Partners and CRV.

EqualTo has raised Euro 500K in Pre – Seed round.

Contentflow has raised $2.5M in Grant by European Innovation Council.

Clixifix has raised Euro 300K in Venture round by North East Fund.

Edgescan has raised Euro 10.5M in Private Equity by @Business Growth Fund and Bernie Waldron.

WHIP Mobility has raised $200K in Seed round.


Sharework has raised Euro 3.1M in Seed round Vantech, LocalGlobe, Kernel Investissements.

Silverfin has raised $30M in Series B by SmartFin Ventures, Index Ventures and Hg.

Opiniion has raised $500K in Seed round by AIM Ventura Capital.

Wellsheet has raised $3.8M in Series A by  Springtide, Newark Venture Partners and BioAdvance.

Ethyca has raised $13.5M in Series A.


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