VC Matchmaking | Why our founders want to help other founders

Jul 5, 2023

It’s also a tough world to connect with unless you already have a company or two under your belt. It’s hard for investors to ascertain your value unless you're a serial entrepreneur and then too they might have some doubts. It’s also hard for a motivated person to find the right backing because they’re busy trying to make their business work rather than their connections, especially when they don't know who to approach. 

We wanted to bridge the gap between the two so investors can meet worthy candidates and Founders can pitch to serious investors. After all, we started with the same problems; It took our Founder, Hari Pragdish, 9 months to get familiar with the VC's in the market in order to pick which VC aligns with his business goals.

Chalk it up to luck that we’re writing this today. But luck shouldn’t be a factor stopping you from achieving your dream. That’s why we started Investor Matchmaking. 

Interested companies sign up and we arrange a match with the right investor. We started matchmaking in 2022 and have since have helped companies gain 30M in pre-seeding funds and set up over 200 meetings. At SaaS Insider we will be hosting face-to-face meetings.

Whether you’re an investor, looking for an investment or simply trying to make connections, SAASCON23 is the perfect place to start. Grab your seat if you haven’t yet.

Written By - Chameli Kuduva, Founder - SaaS Insider