Unlocking the US GTM Strategy: SaaS Insider's Workshop Recap

Aug 16, 2023

Bangalore, the powerhouse of India's startup ecosystem, has been on the forefront of shaping the global SaaS landscape. Recognizing the potential of Indian startups to become the next wave of unicorns, SaaS Insider took a bold step by hosting the first-ever US GTM (Go-To-Market) workshop at their recent conference.

The workshop addressed a pressing challenge faced by Indian SaaS founders: scaling their businesses and penetrating the highly competitive US market. With speakers who have not only navigated but thrived in the US market, the session provided invaluable insights into cracking the US GTM code.

Diving into the specifics of the workshop, SaaS Insider curated a series of engaging sessions, each targeting a vital aspect of the US GTM strategy:

1. Defining and Targeting Your Active ICP: The foundation of any successful marketing strategy, this session guided attendees through the process of defining and targeting their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Expert insights and interactive exercises ensured attendees could connect with the most valuable prospects effectively.

2. Accelerating Inbound Organic: In the world of SaaS, organic growth is crucial. Attendees learned to supercharge their inbound organic channel, boosting online visibility, traffic, and leads. From seasoned marketers to newcomers, everyone left with actionable strategies to optimise their inbound organic efforts.

3. Accelerating Paid advertising: Paid advertising is a powerful tool when used effectively. In this session, participants delved into advanced paid advertising strategies, learning to accelerate campaign performance for rapid results. The practical insights shared were invaluable for marketers at every level.

4. Converting Your Free Users into Paid: Converting free users into paying customers is an art and a science. Attendees gained insights into strategies that turn free users into loyal customers, driving conversion rates and boosting revenue for businesses employing freemium models or trial periods.

5. How to Make Outbound Work: Outbound strategies can be intimidating, but this empowering session demystified them. Attendees learned the tools and techniques necessary to make outbound strategies work effectively, opening up new avenues for growth.

6. Getting Started on Channel: Channel sales can be a game-changer. The interactive session equipped attendees with the knowledge and tools needed to leverage channels effectively, effectively reaching their target audience.

Workshop Leaders:
The workshop was spearheaded by visionary leaders who brought their passion and expertise to the fore:

  • Shiv Sundar, Founder and COO of Esper: Shiv's dynamic leadership ensured the workshop's seamless execution, from ideation to implementation.

  • Ashish Dhamdhere, Co-Founder of Relevvo.ai: Ashish's commitment was instrumental in curating an agenda that resonated with the attendees' needs.

Expert Speakers:
The event showcased an array of distinguished speakers who shared their insights, experiences, and strategies to excel in the US market:

  • Srikrishna Swaminathan, Co-Founder of Factors.ai: Sri's profound insights on SaaS strategies captivated the audience, shedding light on the nuances of global expansion.

  • Neha Sanjay, Director of Marketing at Esper: Neha's dynamic presentation delved into the intricacies of marketing tactics that resonate with international audiences.

  • Rohit Khanna, Co-Founder of Toplyne: Rohit's session provided a deep dive into the tactical aspects of scaling SaaS ventures globally.

The workshop's success was a testament to the community's collective efforts and a testament to SaaS Insider's commitment to fostering an environment of collaboration and learning.

As SaaS Insider continues to foster a culture of learning and collaboration, this US GTM workshop stands as a testament to their commitment to empowering Indian SaaS companies on their journey to becoming global leaders.

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Written By - Chameli Kuduva, Founder - SaaS Insider