Top Product Hunt launches - Week 8 2023

19/02/2023 - 25/02/2023

Feb 27, 2023

February 19th, 2023

Purrity Illustrations

An unique library of 500 illustrations in duo tone colors with minimal lines. It is part of a 15000+ illustration bundle offered by

February 20th, 2023

Twinr 2.0

A no-code builder that can convert any websites irrespective of the underlying technology to customized native Android & iOS applications.

February 21st, 2023 for Jira teams

For your daily standup calls that can bring Jira into Zoom or Google meet. Everyone in your team is up to speed and keeps them engaged throughout.

February 22nd, 2023


Connect Typo with GIT/Jira/Slack to improve velocity, quality & throughput of your dev teams by co-relating SDLC metrics, work distribution & well-being.

February 23rd, 2023

Decktopus AI

An AI powered presentation generator, easy-to-use, packed with amazing features that include amazing slide layouts, interactive forms, embeds, webhooks.

February 24th, 2023


Sandworm statically & dynamically audits your projects and dependencies for vulnerabilities, license issues. Works with any JS package manager to create visualizations, CSV report about license info. Secure compliance for your app dependencies.

February 25th, 2023


Birdy helps you optimize your profile with automated A/B testing suggesting you the conversion probabilities with the versions you create.

Written By - Noorul Faheem