Top Product Hunt Launches Week 21, May 2024

20/05/2024 - 26/05/2024

May 27, 2024

This is a weekly feature that recaps the week's top Product Hunt launches.

Last week featured some very interesting products on Product Hunt. From AI based products like Maven and Octaverse to Ivee, a platform designed for B2B influencer marketing , here’s a list of all the top products from last week on Product Hunt. Check these out in case you missed them and want to keep track of the recent trends.



Maven AI extracts the relevant interests from every post and shows them to you when you see content in your feed. That way, because posts touch on multiple interests, you continually experience the opportunity to expand your horizons by following new interests, increasing your chance of serendipity through meeting people with complementary interests.



Build AI Companions that understand and complete tasks for your users in apps. Our AI Agent foundation models outperform GPT-4o in function calling and support use cases for shopping, travel booking, video streaming, video conferencing apps, and much more!



Identify, assess and collaborate with B2B opinion leaders from Linkedin, Youtube, Substack and Apple podcast. Leverage an AI-powered search engine to spot the trendsetters, unique KPIs for audience insights and outreach capabilities to engage at scale. Ivee is the B2B influencer marketing platform. It helps marketing and growth teams at B2B companies identify, assess and collaborate with their industry's most influential opinion leaders.


Opinion Stage AI

The Opinion Stage AI maker is a no-code tool that makes it easy to create engaging quizzes, forms and surveys. All you need to do is add in the title or topic of the item, configure a few settings and our AI will take care of the rest. 


Call Arc

Quick questions just got quicker answers, now live in Arc Search on iOS. To get started: 1. Download and open the Arc Search app on your iPhone 2. Raise your phone to your ear and ask a question 3. Voilà! Get fast answers to small questions while on the go!



Analyze your team's web browser activity and get detailed insights into core time metrics and essential productivity reports. This tool is designed to help both teams and managers better understand how web time is being used in order to increase productivity and streamline web routines.


No-code platform for web scraping & data automation is a no-code platform for web scraping and data preparation, empowering teams to rapidly gather, prepare, and automate data processes.

Written By- Yash Kohli, Marketer