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May 4, 2021

Continuing the article, Conversational AI - Changing the Future of Customer Experience,

Technologies used in Conversational AI

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR): ASR as a user interface has become ever more useful. This technology is deployed when the voice needs to be interpreted to text. 

Advanced Dialog Management: Dialog Management commands the actual context of the dialogues. For example, the user says “ I want to order pasta” the bot understands the same and will proceed to order. Then the user might say “ change it to pizza”. Here the user refers to an order that he had placed earlier. The bot needs to interpret the same and make relevant changes. 

Natural Language Understanding: Natural Language Processing is the technology used by computers to understand the human’s natural language. AI can read texts shared in multiple languages as per the programming. Chatbots and voice bots use this technology to generate natural language according to the input that they have received.

It creates the responses by converting the computer-generated replies into a language that is understandable for humans. This technology uses dialog management to conduct this task seamlessly.

Machine Learning (ML): Machine learning is the capability of the computer to learn without exclusively being trained. It allows the software applications to become more accurate in predicting the outcome using the previous knowledge.

ML understands user behavior and guides the app to create better responses. Humans can also join machine learning in this task and together make the Conversational AI app a better interactor for customers. 

How to leverage Conversational AI in Omnichannel approach:

After learning about its technologies and work process, it might seem lucrative to adopt AI for better customer service. Before that please make sure to identify the channels where you are going to implement the technology. When you are planning to improve the customer experience we need to evaluate available channels. 

With our previous work experience, we have built various platforms to provide the solution to our enterprise's friends. By using MOBtexting's Conversational AI technology, you can provide live chat messages on various platforms like SMS, WhatsApp, Social media interaction as well as emails. Therefore businesses are using the omnichannel approach. With this, they can use multiple engagement channels and offer a seamless and enhanced customer experience. As a result of that, customers can engage pro-actively and expect a prompt response. 

Benefits of Conversational AI:

  1. Reduce operational costs: The main reason why most enterprises are looking into this is because of its cost reduction ability. Conversational AI can eliminate the involvement of human agents to a greater extent. Investing in the right technology now is an added advantage.

  2. Offers data insights: As we’re using machine learning which basically understands past experience and interactions. Hence this allows businesses to get an insight into the data. With the help of this, you will be able to study customer behavior and requirements.

  3. Supportive wing to employees: By using the right technology, we can reduce the burden on human agents and save their time by allowing the voice or chatbot to address the simpler queries where the human requirement is not necessary.

  4. Improve productivity: The primary reason to adopt Conversational AI is to improve productivity. Since your organization can streamline and enhance its customer's experience journey. The customer can expect uninterrupted prompt customer service. Providing 24*7 support and human-like conversation, decrease the risk of losing the customers. 

  1. Lead generation and customer on-boarding: By using personalized recommendations chatbots can easily convert visitors to potential customers. A bot can handle instant purchases for retail businesses, like tickets, clothing, etc

This article has been authored by Sankar Suda, CTO of MOBtexting

Written By - Chameli Kuduva, Founder - SaaS Insider