SaaS Insider Weekly update:  

Zendesk announces proposed private offering of $1 Billion of convertible senior notes.

Aventri has raised an undisclosed amount in Equity Crowdfunding by Level Equity and HGGC.

Humi has raised $3M in deby financing by Struck Capital, Y Combinator and Tribe Capital.

SecurityGate raises an undisclosed amount in Series A by Houston Ventures.

Nylas raises $25M in Series B by Spark Capital, Citi Ventures, Round13 Capital, ScaleUp Ventures, 8VC, Slack Venture Capital.

Trivie, Inc raises $5M in Series A by Cottonwood Venture Partners.

Pipe raises $50M in equity and asset financing by KSD Capital.

Worky raises $3M in seed funding.

MonkeyLearn raises $2.2M in seed round by Uncork Capital, Bling Capital, Eoghan McCabe, Garuda Ventures, Des Traynor, Anthony Goldbloom, Howie Liu.

NextRetreat raises $600K in Seed round by Vision Ventures.

Ksubaka raised undisclosed amount in Corporate Round by UST Global.

CassTime raises $50M in Series C by Greater Bay Area Homeland Development Fund.

VNDLY raises an undisclosed amount in Venture Series unknown by Okta Ventures.

CitySwift raises Euro 2M in Venture Series unknown by Act Venture capital and Irelandia Investments.

Satelytics raises $5M in Venture Series unknown by BP Ventures.

SecurityGate raises undisclosed amount in Series A by Houston Ventures.

ThingTrax raises $1M in seed by SuperSeed and Sumaria.

Pexapark raises Euro 6 M in Series B BayWa r.e. Energy Ventures, Encavis, RP Global.

SevenRooms raises $50M in Series B by Providence Strategic Growth.

Triblio acquired by International Data Group.

Sweagle acquired by ServiceNow.

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