Investing in Experiences: How Our Conference Became More Than Just an Event

Aug 16, 2023

In the world of conferences, success is often measured by the sum of its parts. This year, our conference achieved something extraordinary—it transcended its role as a mere event and transformed into a vibrant community-driven phenomenon. The synergy of collective creativity, collaboration, and a shared vision brought about an experience like no other.

What new happened in our booth area?

The conference floor was not just a gathering space but a bustling hub of innovation. Our booth takers, in their pursuit of enhancing the attendee experience, added unique touches that ignited delight. From CmdK's inviting coffee corner to Touring Capital's beer oasis, every corner had its own flavor. Stripe introduced a brilliantly practical tea-infusing mug, while DevRev's spinwheel giveaways created an aura of anticipation. Fable, ever the challengers, gamified the experience with a Super Mario showdown.

However, it wasn't just the booth takers who brought innovation to the table. Attendees too showcased their ingenuity. Creative t-shirts became personalized canvases for individuals to tell their stories. The founder who sported a t-shirt with a rolling slide embedded in it surely stole the limelight - a testament to the inventive minds our community harbors.

Hosted Dinners by our partners

There was also the spirit of partnership. Startups like Hubilo, Rocketlane, and Sprinto went beyond the traditional booth and took the lead in hosting their own dinners and afterparties right at the conference venue. This ingenious move didn't just double participation; it amplified the sense of community, partnership, and shared growth.

Why be a booth when you can be a coffee booth?

Love from the community

It was heartwarming to come back to office on Monday, after the conference to see 100's of organic user generated posts after the conference. 

In this dynamic ecosystem, the very essence of our community shone through. We've always been advocates of investing in experiences rather than just moments. The conference was the canvas, and the collective creativity was the brushstroke that painted it vibrant and memorable.

From startups crafting unique experiences to attendees shaping their narratives, our conference wasn't just an event; it was a living testament to what can be achieved when a community bands together. The harmonious blend of innovation and unity is what made this year's conference a resounding success.

Written By - Chameli Kuduva, Founder - SaaS Insider