How Charging Investors was the Best Thing for SaaS Insider

Jul 11, 2023

In the realm of conferences and networking events, charging investors for passes might initially seem counterintuitive. However, as SaaS Insider's recent conference 'SAASCON23' demonstrated, this strategy can bring about a multitude of benefits that contribute to the event's overall success.

1. Elevating the Quality of Investors:
By introducing a nominal fee for investor passes, SaaS Insider ensured that only serious and relevant industry players participated. This deliberate choice acted as a natural filter, attracting investors genuinely interested in the B2B SaaS sector. The result was a concentrated pool of Investors, fostering meaningful interactions and discussions tailored to the needs of the community.

2. Fostering Meaningful Connections:
Charging for investor passes not only curated the attendee list but also created an environment conducive to meaningful networking. With each attendee invested in their participation, conversations shifted from casual exchanges to more substantial discussions. This enabled entrepreneurs to connect with investors who had a genuine interest in their ventures, paving the way for more productive interactions and potential partnerships.

3. An Investment with High Returns:
With even a single successful investment resulting from the event, the potential returns could eclipse the INR 25,000 investment by multiples. The conference provided a platform to discover promising startups, exchange insights, and access a wealth of industry knowledge—all elements instrumental to making informed investment decisions.

4. Reinforcing Commitment:
The decision to charge for investor passes underscored SaaS Insider's commitment to curating a high-quality event. This approach resonated with both investors and entrepreneurs, as they recognised the effort to bring together a community genuinely invested in the B2B SaaS ecosystem.

In conclusion, charging investors for passes at SaaS Insider's conference turned out to be a well-considered and strategic move. This approach not only elevated the caliber of attendees but also fostered valuable connections and positioned the event as a significant opportunity for both entrepreneurs and investors alike. As the conference exemplified, a nominal investment in attendance can lead to substantial returns, making the decision to charge for passes a win-win for all parties involved.

Written By - Chameli Kuduva, Founder - SaaS Insider